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Global (dis)Order? The U.S. Role in International Affairs

Red Raider Ballroom, Student Union Building 5:30 - 7:00p.m.

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Civil Counterpoints: A Campus Conversation Series aims to stimulate thoughtful and respectful dialogue on volatile contemporary issues among members of the Texas Tech community. The series offers the university community opportunities to hear experts in the field tackle difficult topics through the engaged dialogues we encourage in the classroom, the lab, our hallways, and other forums. The series strives to highlight the diversity of research, creative endeavors and critical analysis on campus, and to demonstrate the possibilities for meaningfulcollaboration across disciplines, perspectives, and expertise in a respectful environment. Among the hallmarks of a vibrant and engaged university is the safeguarding of academic freedom, a principle that protects our ability to explore, discuss, investigate, and challenge oneanother's ideas intellectually and courteously.

Civil Counterpoints

Global (dis)Order? The U.S. Role in International Affairs

Since taking office, the Trump administration has delivered on its promise to disrupt the status quo in global affairs and put the United States' interests first. From targeted travel bans to unconventional diplomacy to criticizing allies (and even U.S. intelligence agencies) to erecting significant trade barriers, much of the established wisdom and process regarding policy, politics and trade has been upended. At the same time, some senior members of Congress, the diplomatic corps and other government officials have endeavored to reassure overseas allies. This interactive session will bring together experts from policy, trade and military fields to discuss the present and potential futures of U.S. leadership and participation in the international domain.

Guests for the Oct. 1 Session

Col. David Lewis

Political Science and Institute for Peace & Conflict

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Jamie Bologna

Agricultural and Applied Economics

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Mark Tokola

Vice President, the Korea Economic Institute of America

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Robert Murphy

Research Assistant Professor at the Free Market Institute

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Tom "Smitty" Smith

Director of Public Citizen's Texas Office

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